Join Us

Tired of being seen as just a “Number”?

Fed up with starting your day without having an interesting consulting job in a fun environment?

Do you want to work within an organisation that put its people first?

You want to become The expert in your domain, in Cloud solutions ?

Whether you are a senior, junior or associate, joining everBe it is choosing a next generation Consulting firm where if you have the talent, the energy and the passion … you will make your own career. The sky is the limit, Let’s go together above the Clouds !

Our activities

Mercer-everBe is developing a business model based on 3 complementary activities: Business Management Consulting, Integration and Deployment, Support and Business Services in the areas of Human Resources, Finance and Analytics.

For our people, whether starting their careers or with in-depth experience, the breadth of the missions and type of jobs is wide. Actually it would really depends on themselves, what they want to do, the initiatives they would be willing to impulse or to be part of.

You can: start your career, become an expert in one or several Business Domain and Cloud technology, Move cross Lines of Business, Manage internal initiative, Move to Business Development activities, Become a Shareholder, develop your competencies, …

3 reasons to join Mercer-everBe

Reason N°1: Because we put our People First

We strongly want Mercer-everBe to be an intense and fun work environment driven by “family-types” values. We believe that building a framework enabling our People to be at the center of the company offers a passion-driven environment ultimately benefitting to our customers:

  • A work environment build on Trust and Excellence ground foundations;
  • Constant training;
  • Open initiative and “Intrapreneurial” environment;
  • Trust People to impulse and manage internal or development initiatives;
  • … and a number of other exciting things we will share at the end of your recruitment process, …

Reason N°2: Because you want to be part of the next generation Consulting and Technology era

Our customers engage us to support strategic transformation and value acceleration projects. Our People advise and work alongside companies during project that have high visibility and need to lead to high business value impacts.

Reason N°3: Because you share our passion and our values

Joining Mercer-everBe is, before everything, sharing Domain and Technology passion and our corporate values.

  • Our commitment : Take you Further.
  • Your commitment : contribute to Take your colleagues, customers and the company Further.

Hiring process

We try to hire only the best.

People who want to be part of the Mercer-everBe story should have demonstrated excellent capabilities. Because we will jointly invest a lot, our hiring activities follow a rigorous process with high standards.

Approximately 1/8 of the applications we receive are effectively invited to start the meeting process. Typically you will have between 2 and 4 interviews, sometime panel or exercice sessions. The whole everBe team you will meet need to be positive for a new person to onboard the company.

You are therefore strongly invited to spend time and efforts preparing your interviews.