everBe supports a major player in the global automotive industry

December 11, 2012 Back to listing

Management Consulting

Design of a global methodology to ensure consistent payroll controls in Shared Services Centres 

Management consulting team of everBe have worked with global HR and Payroll teams of a leader in the automotive industry to design a globally applicable methodology to secure payroll controls and enhance compliance. 

The proven domain expertise of everBe in Payroll and HR, our expertise in designing HR Organization and Delivery operations, our track record in process design, along side with deliverables, tools and methods capitalized into our internal "HR Command Center" platform enabled to quicky design, tailor and deliver the methodology. Tested for a set of countries in Latin America, our customer HR/Payroll and HRIS teams have been able to further roll it out globally. everBe added value has helped enhance controls and compliance requirements.