Go for Workday Recruiting

August 26, 2020 Back to listing

Workday Recruiting creates an effortless and collaborative experience to both your Candidates and Stakeholders.

The Recruiting module enables your Recruiters to be in touch with the necessary stakeholders throughout the process and to keep track of any action/decision taken regarding each Job Application. An Activity stream is available to track history on a Job Application and add comments for any user who is part of the process or at any step of the way. A Recruiter can even share a candidate’s profile with another user if needed (e.g. Manager).

Thanks to its dynamic Job Application business process Workday Recruiting allows you to create a process that is as flexible as you need or as rigid as necessary. You decide on the perfect balance. Your Recruiters would have a variety of tools to help them manage their pipeline: from pools and tags to rule-based auto-dispositioning and moving candidates from one Job Requisition to another.

The Integrations that can be built on the Recruiting module are a real help towards a smoother process. You can have the candidates access the background check’s tests in a few clicks and get the results straight to their Workday profile, link your Google or Outlook calendar to the Interview scheduling step, or even post your jobs on several job boards from a multi-posting tool accessible with one click.

On the Candidates’ side, the adaptive process you built will make the Recruiting process as efficient as possible to avoid having internally to go through unnecessary steps (e.g. Background Check, Personal Data collection, etc.) or to have your External Candidates only complete essential fields as mandatory depending on the job they are applying to.

The External Career Site and Candidate Home Accounts are being continuously updated to provide better-experience functionalities (e.g. Job Alerts, Status follow up, task reception, etc.) and be compliant with legal requirements (e.g. Delete My Information option, EU Cookie Policy banner, etc.)

This sweet Workday Recruiting package has been designed for you to be able to continuously improve your practice and have your Recruitment Team focus on what really matters: Candidate Quality.

Not to mentioned that Workday Recruiting showed its robustness and reliability during those peculiar Covid-19 times. Indeed, all your Recruiters would need is a computer to sign on to their Workday accounts, from there they can enjoy the same smooth remote-proof and paperless process with the same quality of analytics to properly assess the situation and stay in touch with the candidates and internal stakeholders. All of this through one unique tool.

No doubt you will be seduced by the possibilities offered. Go for it and never go back!

By Magali Martenne-Duplan, Workday Recruiting Partner Analyst.