Payroll operations – Transformation

November 24, 2012 Back to listing

Payroll operations, efficiency taken further

Business Consulting: Payroll consulting and payroll outsourcing: everBe has supported this worldwide luxury group in further optimizing its personal administration and payroll operations. 


This prestigious luxury global group was experimenting some troubles every month coming from an inadequate payroll production process. 

Added value 

everBe helped reconsidering the overall payroll operations' organisation and processes, as well as the end to end processes with the outsourcing services rendered by a third party payroll provider.

After an audit phase covering a functional analysis, the service organisation, the payroll service level agreements and controls, Business Consulting Teams specialized in Payroll and BPO have design a transition and to-be phase. These recommendations led to 

  • increase and bring back to normal the satisfaction of our customer HR, Payroll and management teams;
  • improve the efficiency and level of audit controls of the payroll production process; 
  • reduce the overall monthly costs of processing payrolls.