Change Management designed for Workday Cloud transformation projects

everBe has set up team who come with Change Management expertise AND Workday expertise. This is a great combination to design Change Management and Training programs to further drive the success of your project.  

Workday Change Management – Tailored to your needs

everBe has a long lasting experience of HR and Finance transformation projects and Change Management activities. 

Proposed programs can cover:

  • Change Management strategy and impact analysis;
  • Communication strategy;
  • Identification and engagement of Change management network within your company;
  • Workday training and coaching on top of Workday Education programs delivered by Workday;
  • Ongoing coaching and training for managers, leaders, HR teams, Service centers agents …. 

Change Management – Tailored to Workday Projects

  • We provide a Workday Change Management methodology covering strategy, planification, Change and training Workstream PMO and project management,
  • Adoption of tools from the Workday Community,
  • Advanced knowledge transfert,
  • Measure of business outcomes,  
  • coaching an ongoing Workday based education services (new functionalities, new deployments, …). 

Moving to a Cloud solution is usually a huge change and needs proper change management, communication and training programs.

Built-in processes, agile and Cloud adapted project management methodologies or SaaS software DNA easing the use of self-services underline the need for a strong change management strategy and execution.

  • How to describe the added-value that the company, division, business units, leadership, managers and people will gain from the transformation?
  • What will be the impact on the organisation, workflow, roles and responsibilities and more broadly on the way people work?
  • How to ease the usage and adoption of the new Workday platform?
  • How to anticipate resistance, to communicate, to mobilize change agents?

Main challenges are:

  • Why is this change needed;
  • How do we get people onboard,
  • How do we get people to use the platform, to get used to new processes,
  • How to measure business outcomes and ROI.

Key success items encompass:

  • Ability to position the Workday project and demonstrate how it powers the business strategy;
  • Executive sponsorship and efficience change network;
  • A good strategy for change and training, designed during the early stages of the project;
  • A way to measure the business outcomes;
  • A way to anticipate ongoing needs for training (new hires, new functionalities, …. ) 

everBe teams bring:

  • 20 years of experience in HR, Finance and IT Transformation programs;
  • A sound experience of Workday project either through assistance engagement or as a prime contractor for deployment;
  • Best practices;
  • Expertise in Training, coaching and managing change, tools and materials (change, training, communication);
  • Support infrastructure to enable ongoing and ondemand change and training activities, ….