From Vision to HR strategy : Transform your HR and Talent strategy

everBe advises and support its customers through a consulting approach structured to enable alignement of HR and Management strategies with the company vision and objectives. 

The main deliverable of these types of engagements is a strategy blueprint. Prerequisite to launch a transformation program, it gives a fundamental sense for the upcoming action plan, prepare communication and puts in perspective the transformation and pace of change that are needed.

A methodology focused on the business outcomes.  

The high-level overall process developed by everBe teams relies on:  

  • Describe the vision and measurable business outcomes;
  • Assess the current situation: organization, processes, technologies, innovation, reporting;
  • Recommend a strategic plan, define short and long-terms priorities;
  • Develop a realistic 3 years plan, actions needed, impact on the organization, how to follow-up and measure progresses. 

More than ever, HR departments are poised to play a central role in organizations’ success and longevity. HR has to demonstrate its added-value to the business and change the way people work.

HR has to become a proactive strength, to innovate and create strategies to reconquer, and re-engage its talent. Rebuilding links between each individual and the organization, between individuals and among groups is the key to foster the re-birth of collaboration. That is the fundamental source of innovation and engagement, therefore of growth and longevity. 

Keys for success to better align HR strategies with the company overall mission and objectives:

  • Extend the business contribution of HR by creating HR and Talent strategies that are not based on HR objectives but company or division wide objectives;
  • Define upfront how you will measure success and KPIs;
  • Understand links and relationships between the strategy, people, processes and technology; 
  • Articulate a plan that is realistic.   

A specialist: 

A domain specialist:

At everBe we don’t believe in consulting firms stating they can do everything. We have chosen to specialize in a limited number of key domains areas, very focused: 

  • HR : Core HR, Talent Management, Payroll, Time, …
  • Finance,
  • Analytics.

A cloud specialist: 

We think Cloud and SaaS solutions do bring a lot to HR, Payroll, Finance and Management (enabling a new way of working). We do also think all solutions are not equal. Finally we know that Consulting and Service firms have to reinvent the way they work, their offerings because of the disruption and new SaaS model brought by technology vendors. 

  • everBe is a Workday certified specialist since 2013

A holistic service offering:

Our mission is to help HR and Finance transform and innovate to achieve business results in weeks. As a longterm partner of our customers we have developed a compelling value proposition covering the entire value chain: 

  • Advisory and Management consulting – HR, Finance and Management systems ;
  • Assistance – Assisting HR, Finance and IT during transformation projects ;
  • Cloud Transformation Services – Transformation integration and deployment projects – Workday ;
  • Business Services – Extend the value of HR and Finance through Cloud Process Outsourcing (CPO) for HR, Finance and payroll services based on Workday Entreprise Cloud platform.

Our people: Passion and commitment 

By working with everBe, you can expect to rely on people who are passionate about HR, Finance and Technology. Our approach is to always keep in mind the business benefit targeted by the project, mission or service we are engaged on. everBe offer a unique blend of competencies : domain, solution, processes, change management.

Our difference 

  • What we do: Combining Domain and Best-in-Class solution expertise
  • The way we act: New ways of engaging with our customers, Proven customer satisfaction, unique internal platform for capitalizing and collaborating (Command Center), delivery model adapted to cloud consulting, …
  • What we are: A company that puts its people first, an original management approach focusing on Taking people further, strong values : Build the future, foster excellence, Trust people, Be open and pragmatic, …