everBe helps HR, Payroll, Finance and IT teams of global companies who have chosen Workday

So your company has chosen Workday. 

When we are not prime, we help reinforce when needed HR, Payroll, Finance and IT teams either at the group level or for a subsidiary who has to integrate into a global Workday deployment program.

Bring the support of team who have a strong Domain, change, Workday project management, process and technical expertise we can support:


  • Project Management and PMO to reinforce Workday project methodology understanding and execution within our customers teams;
  • Business process rationalization, simplification, re-design;
  • Job Catalog, Job Families strategy and harmonization;
  • Workshops support
  • Data and integration strategy and specifications;
  • Complementary Change management and Workday coaching for extended training;
  • Testing strategy and tests support;
  • Integration specifications and development for integration under our customers responsibilities.

SaaS solutions open a brand new world of possibilities for companies. A brand new model and for some of them a brand new design opening disrupting transformation. New things require new ways of approaching Transformations.

  • Take advantage of the SaaS model benefits from the early stages of the project on, 
  • Harmonize catalogs, families, data and processes. Moving your current complexity to the Cloud has no sense.
  • Find the right balance between process changes and solution configuration,
  • Get a Change Management strategy and execution designed from the ground up for Cloud solution,
  • Change the way people work (mobile, realtime data and reporting, self-services, a new collaboration and engagement era),
  • Integrate the Cloud solution to your systems either on premise or Cloud to Cloud,
  • Change and adapt your support model, old-fashioned ways won’t work,
  • Benefit from constant innovation, transform HR and Finance as a change agent, finally the long awaited business partner role.

Success of a Workday deployment is not measured by meeting a golive date. The key is succeeding in the targeted business outcomes and added value. And, actually sometimes we could be ready to golive prior to the initial targeted date.

Keys of success:

  • A strong alignment with the company strategy, preparation, roadmap planning;
  • a domain expertise, best practices on processes and catalog harmonization;
  • Deep understanding, expertise and constant training on the configuration power engine of Workday;
  • Agile/SaaS methodology and tools to secure the program;
  • A change management strategy and execution designed for Workday; 
  • A great deal of work on data. Just simply assume your data are not as good as you thing they are;
  • Seamless integrations with both other on-premise and cloud solutions. 

A specialist :

  • Domain : everBe is a management consulting specialist in HR, Payroll, Finance and Analytics;
  • Workday : 1st French headquartered company, certified and specialist of Workday solutions since 2013 with a global capacity to manage both national and worldwide project;
  • Working alongside with Workday since the beginning in continental Europe.

All around Workday

everBe offers a holistic approach from strategy to integration, deployment, support and process outsourcing based on Workday. 

Our expertise covers :

  • all functional domains; HR (Core HR, HR, Talent, Time, Payroll, Recruiting, …), Finance and Analytics.
  • All workday solutions: Workday Core RH, Workday Talent Management, Workday Time & Expenses, Workday Paie, Workday Big Data, Analytics, Workday Finance, Workday PSA (Professional Services Automation) , Workday Insight Apps…

Command Center ®, accelerate your Workday deployment

Experiences of our people and the expertise derived from the multiple projects we have worked on for customers working in more than 100 countries are constantly capitalized, refined and enhanced in our internal platform Command Center ®.

This platform manage all our deliverables, tools, accelerators, knowledge base. This is also a social platform enabling a high level of internal collaboration to the benefit of all of our projects and customers. 

For Workday solutions our platform relies on several layers:

  • Workday Mission control. Method and deliverables to launch and manage Workday projects
  • Workday Launch Assets. Deliverables and methodologies to accelerate Workday projects
  • Workday Agora : Social platform and collaboration among our teams.