Integrate Workday with your systems

everBe Workday integration experts will help you:

  • Assess you current Global architecture, design the best Workday integration strategy;
  • Map integrations and interfaces;
  • Set up standard package and connectors;
  • develop complex integration using Workday Integration platform and Tools (EIB, Workday Studiofor complex interfaces), API, middleware integrations (if appropriate) ;
  • Testing strategy and support;
  • Monitoring, maintenance of custom integration as part as our ongoing services.

Entreprise Application have little added-value if not integrated with the overall information system.

Interfaces are traditionally complex items to create, maintain. They are costly and bring rigidity. Moreover, in the on-premise world, software vendors do not really pay attention to interface and integration as it is a customer responsibility only.


In the Cloud world there are a number of different type of integration. Cloud software vendors offer connectors or packaged integrations with other solutions. It become the responsibility of Cloud vendors to maintain and enhance these connectors. They also offer tools box and methodologies to develop custom integrations to interface with specific customer solutions.

  • Understand the connectors catalog
  • Understand the philosophy and tools offered to built specific integrations
  • Start the integration strategy and planning at the very early stage of the project


  • Use Workday as the single source of truth, systems of records and systems of engagement. You will benefit from the power of a unified solution, better data, efficient processes and reliable reporting
  • Embark your IT department. They own the overall architecture, will help HR and Finance understanding how things work and put in place the right integrations,
  • Rely on a Workday specialist to configure packaged integrations and design specific integrations in the Workday cloud,
  • Start your interfaces/integrations strategy, architecture and roadmap during the early stages of the project.

A Workday integration specialist :

  • everBe is a specialist of Management Systems architecture;
  • everBe is a specialist of Workday solutions and Workday integrations platform;
  • Our teams have and extend experience of mapping and building Workday integrations (packaged and customs).

Command Center ®, accelerate your Workday deployment

Experiences of our people and the expertise derived from the multiple projects we have worked on for customers working in more than 100 countries are constantly capitalized, refined and enhanced in our internal platform Command Center ®.

This platform manage all our deliverables, tools, accelerators, knowledge base. This is also a social platform enabling a high level of internal collaboration to the benefit of all of our projects and customers. 

For Workday solutions our platform relies on several layers:

  • Workday Mission control. Method and deliverables to launch and manage Workday projects
  • Workday Launch Assets. Deliverables and methodologies to accelerate Workday projects
  • Workday Agora : Social platform and collaboration among our teams.