Workday: Training and Coaching 

Workday users coaching

Workday solutions are easy to use and to understand. Project teams are usually trained within Workday Education and Training centers. As part of global and extended Change Management activities, customers may be willling to create and execute a tailor-made training program for HR and Finance teams; leadership; managers and information sessions for all their employees. everBe has specialized in offering those additional training layers either during the project or as a recurring Education service.  These programs come on top of Training and Education Services offered by Workday. 

Advanced Training for HR, Payroll and Finance teams

Our sessions cover topics such as:

  • Advanced usage of Workday;
  • All functional domain: Core HCM, Talent Management, Time, Payroll, Recruitment, Finance, … ;
  • Advanced reporting, BigData and Analytics with Workday;
  • Security, integrations, …. 

Advanced coaching for Managers

  • These session aim at ensuring all your managers will get a full and deep understanding on how Workday works, how they can change the way they work

Coaching for everyone

  • everBe teams can organize Roadshow to inform and present the new solution to all your employees. 

Learning Solutions: elearning & Video

As part of continuous improvement, solution usage and ongoing training, everBe teams have developed a specific know-how and production facilities to create e-learning, how-to guides and short video tailored to your context.  

Get the best adoption level

For your Workday solution to bring the best impact to your organization, we offer a wide range of coaching and training options that are complementary to Workday Education Services for your project team. Whether you need additional coaching during the Transformation project or recurring Eduction and Training programs, teams of everBe Institute can help.

  • Ensure the best usage of your Workday platform;
  • Organize Expert Workday session if and when needed;
  • Ease the usage of functionalities (advance reporting for example, …) 

Success of any system transformation goes with the level of adoption, usage and engagement of your users. 

In Workday a number of tools exist to help you manage and drive adoption.

everBe helps companies, who are willing to further extend their Workday Change Management and Training actions, to design, build and execute tailor-made eduction programs.

everBe Institute teams bring:

  • Years of experience in training, coaching and change management;
  • A Sound expertise of Workday solutions;
  • Experiences coming from multiple contexts, industries and actual deployment projects;
  • Training materials;
  • Offering designed for the initial project phase or ongoing education programs.