Our commitment

Our baseline: Take People Further (*)

Take People Further is our posture for everything that we do.

Take people further is the way we approach the services we provide to our customers. It is our ambition for our employees. It symbolizes the message we want to convey and our mindset in everything we do. This is what motivates us and makes us unique.

Take People Further represents our baseline and is based on three main ideas:

  • Let our People be at the forefront of our company ;
  • Excel and go one step further ;
  • Constantly innovate and lead the way.

For our customers, when engaging with Mercer-everBe, they can expect that we take their project teams further and that we contribute to help improving the talents and the HR and Finance functions within their business.

For our people, by joining the group, they can expect to join a company that allows them to develop their competencies, personality, expertise, … and let them to go one step further.

*Take People Further is a registered trademark.