Our values

The EB Way

Mercer-everBe‘s values are essential for all of our people, our customers and our partners. They describe our Soul and impulse the way we behave on a daily basis.

Our baseline: Take People Further

Take People Further is our baseline, our everlasting promise to EB’s people and our customers. Each day we do our very best to develop a company and offer services that enable our people and our customer’s people to grow their talent and go one step further.

EB Family core values

Shape the future

  • Impulse our industry by constant innovation embedded into our offerings, approach and expertise,
  • Unleash our intrapreneurial spirit and take intelligent risks,
  • Shake up conventional thinking; look for added value solutions,
  • Be passionate and determinate.

Foster excellence

  • Our success lies in the value we create for our customers,
  • Excel in the delivery of our missions, our customer relationships and our productivity,
  • A pragmatic vision and approach but address each situation specifically and choose the right solution.

Trust People

  • Be respectful with anyone,
  • Work as a team, common interest wins of individuals,
  • Transparency, honesty, integrity,
  • Trust others, recognize that a mistake is acceptable (medium performance is not),
  • Act as an owner in every decision making process.

Be Open

  • Be humble, listen to people, don’t play a role,
  • Be fair,
  • Cultivate close relationships with teammates, customers & partners.