Vision & Mission

Our vision:

Mercer-everBe a next generation Cloud Consulting and Service company, recognized for our domain and Cloud technology expertises, our passion for innovation, our commitment to customer success and our drive to take people further.

Every day, everywhere around the globe, we work with our clients to provide management consulting, solutions, services and Cloud technology, of which tomorrow’s leaders need to develop their difference and become an employer of choice.

We contribute to their success by combining our expertise and an innovative management philosophy, owned by Mercer-everbe. This unlocks our creativity with a single obsession, create value, regardless of the HR or HRIS problem.

This is our vision and above all, our passion.

Our mission:

Help our customers transform their Finance and HR functions and extend the business value its renders by better aligning their strategy, organisation and processes powered by modern and innovative Cloud Technologies.

Our mission is to help our clients design strategies, transform and rely on systems that contribute uniquely to their growth through the development of people and effectiveness of their HR and Finance.

We aim to be an employer and a partner of choice. Mercer-everBe is not a traditional company. We put all our associates first and this creates a sound engagement, drives passion, innovation, excellence and continuous improvement to the benefit of our customers.