Mercer-everBe has been formed to propose an answer to a number of fundamental trends and changes

More than ever, companies are forced to change and adapt at a fast speed

The world has become “flat” with no borders and global. Economical crisis have intensified competitions, needs for constant innovation and differences. They impose a high speed transformation.

Organisations are facing a double challenge: find ways to maintain uniqueness powering competitive advantages and always be more efficient. Leaders and managers are facing a double-dilemma: always do better with less while still give a sound and understandable sense to company’s initiatives, so that the link between the company and its employees does not disappear. They expect that the HRs improve their roles of coordination.

The important thing is not what the company does today but how its people do and what they can invent together the future.

Organisations frustrated by their Entreprise Applications Systems

Most organizations are frustrated by the low added-value of colossal investments in ERPs. Though very often, it is not the technology itself that is responsible, but the lack of coherence and links between strategy, people, organization, processes and technology.

Technology constantly changes

The Entreprise Application market is experiencing a constant change at a pace of consolidation and technological breakthroughs. After former mainframe and then client-server software wave, the Cloud along with Entreprise Applications SaaS offering is changing the way companies use software. This technology disruption comes with new challenges companies need to tackle to shift and take the full advantage of Service based softwares. It changes the was the transition needs to be done, it enables new way of working. It also required new models to leverage constant innovation.

Our value proposition

Mercer-everBe helps companies navigate through these constant changes:

  • Transform the HR function to bring more added-value to the business;
  • Development of the HR Operations effectiveness through the alignment between strategy, processes and technology;
  • A comprehensive model and offering to be a long term partner and help companies moving to the Cloud.