Our difference

“We strive to be unique and different for what we do, how we do it and who we are.”

We are not a giant firm that seeks to place consultants for years. We rather believe that our financials are the results of our actions, not a goal in itself.

That’s why we put our employees first.

We believe the passion that drives us is an essential part of our difference. It brings expertise, excellence, innovation, therefore the added-value we create through our services.

We only want the best for our clients.

We want to create a sustainable partner relationship with our customers in order to help them make a difference in their business through hands-on consulting supported by the best technologies.

Working with Mercer-everBe you can expect:

  • The support of a specialist combining Domains & Technology expertise
  • That we tell you what we think is the best, not necessarily what you want to hear,
  • That we question old beliefs and share our vision for the future of HR, people management and technology,
  • That we take your organization and your team further by contributing with our passion and expertise.